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Malpais Real Estate

Malpais Real Estate - Playa Hermosa Welcome to Costa Rica, and especially to the Malpais / Santa Teresa area, which we think you'll agree is the best place to live or invest in the country. More info on this area:

We have the most listings of any real estate company in the area, and will work very hard not only to find your dream property in the Malpais area, but to help you through all the steps of buying and then enjoying your purchase.

The first step is to make sure that you understand what you're buying and why investing in this part of Costa Rica is a great idea. Click here: investing in Costa Rica to read all about this. We think you'll be convinced that investing here is a smart decision. More info on Costa Rica:

Second, finding your property. There is no MLS system in Costa Rica, so each realtor finds their own listings. We have the most listings of any company in the area, and we also have listings in the neighboring areas of Montezuma, Manzanillo, Tambor, and Cabuya. After we meet you, we might recommend one of these areas instead, depending on what we think will make you happiest.

Third, going through the buying process. In most cases, foreigners have the same property rights as Costa Ricans, and unlike a place like Mexico, you can buy titled land which is in your name. You can purchase title insurance through Stewart Title if you like. There are plenty of bad lawyers in Costa Rica, but we will recommend a few great ones who speak English and will make sure everything goes smoothly for you. Generally, the buying process is much easier in Costa Rica than in the U.S., Canada, or Europe.

Fourth, enjoying your purchase. We will recommend and provide several options of excellent architects and builders. Then, when you are ready to move or rent your place, we will help you with rentals, property management, or relocating to Costa Rica permanently.

If you're interested in renting a home in the area while looking at real estate here, try Malpais Vacation Home Rentals and if you're looking for a hotel, click here on our Malpais Hotels guide.

In general, Malpais and Santa Teresa are among the very best places in Costa Rica. is among the best in Costa Rica. Santa Teresa was recently awarded by Trip Advisor as the #1 highest-rated travel location in ALL of both Central and South America. Malpais and Montezuma both have many of the best restaurants in the entire country, since many international chefs have moved to the area. The area is also a major center of Costa Rica Yoga (such as with over a dozen places to learn/practice and many yoga retreats and surf+yoga retreat combinations.

Recommended Santa Teresa and Malpais Real Estate:

Solar Vistas Eco Village - 5 Ha (12 acres) $275,000
New eco-village in the hills behind Santa Teresa, just 7-8 minutes from world-famous beaches. The developers are selling lots and building ecologically-friendly dream houses, with community pool, organic orchards, etc. All houses will have solar power and share ownership in the community space.

 Malpais Eco Village
Malpais Celebrity Villa - 2700 m2 - Price Reduced from $700,000 to $350,000
A Great deal! This is a luxury compound with two beautiful houses in the middle of the jungle. The house was built to high standards and luxury finishes. It has a swimming pool, and is within an easy walk of the beach.
Property # 7-146

Costa Rica Real Estate - Santa Teresa Ocean View Hilltops

Vistas de Playa Carmen - 14.5 Ha (36+ acres) - $600,000
A beautiful farm consisting of a long, sprawling ridge, most of which has some ocean views. The ridge is surrounded by rivers on both sides, with large trees, but leaving a large area for development. This property would be ideal for an eco-development or a private mansion with lots of space and privacy.
Property # 6-40

 Development Land

Playa Hermosa Cabinas & Restaurant - 1738m2 - $375,000
A tremendously good deal. Beautiful ocean views, right above the water. The property includes several cabinas and room for more, a restaurant, and owner's house.
Property # 8-3

 Playa Hermosa - Santa Teresa - Spanish Villa
Spanish Villa - 3400 m2 - $398,000
Incredible Deal!!! Huge house with A+ ocean views, yet you can still easily walk to the beach. The property has its own well. This is maritime zone, and the concession has been approved, but waiting the final stamp.
Property # 8-88

 Playa Hermosa - Santa Teresa - Spanish Villa
Santa Teresa - House with Pool - $255,000
This ocean view house is on a public road, up a short walk from the main road, but still within walking distance to the surf below. It has 3 large bedrooms and could easily be made into 5 bedrooms. Titled land.
Property # 8-36

Playa Hermosa Dream Lot - 6750 m2 - $300,000
Great Ocean View on a hillside overlooking the ocean, which is right in front. This is a place where the road is next to the beach and this lot is just on the other side. This property already has its concession, and it has a spot for a house or small hotel, with room for a few cabinas above. It also has a well.
Property # 9-27

 Playa Hermosa Ocean View - Santa Teresa Real Estate

New Home with Pool in Santiago - 2257 m2 - $250,000
Cute new home in Santiago, which is a ten minute drive to beautiful Playa Hermosa, and 12 minutes to the beaches of Playa Carmen. The lot has space to add a guest house. Titled.
Property # 6-135

Costa Rica Real Estate - Malpais Real Estate

Surf Villa I Lower Part- 333 m2 - $240,000
Luxury villa located at the heart of Santa Teresa and within walking distance to the beach. The villa has large entertainment areas in an outdoor garden setting, that can also be utilized for a large swimming pool. The Surf Villa project includes 2 luxury appointed villas.
Property # 8-366

 Malpais Real Estate with ocean views
Manzanillo Teak House - 1000 m2 - $175,000
Cute, new teak house in Manzanillo, a short drive to the beach. Comes with furniture.
Property # 10-230

 Malpais Real Estate with ocean views
Malpais Miracle Lot - 10050 m2 - $155,000
This lot is priced to sell quickly. It's high on a mountaintop, with panoramic ocean and valley views, located near the gas station above Malpais. It's large enough to split into two parts.
Property # 7-145

 Malpais Real Estate with ocean views
Santa Teresa Urban Villa - 314m2 - $150,000
Small well-built 3-bedroom house minutes away from the white-sand beaches of Santa Teresa. This is a perfect investment for a vacation home or vacation rental.
Property# 8-404

 Malpais Ocean View Property

Malpais Private Servidumbre Lots - from 5064m2 - $126,000 & $129,000
Very private lots located at 600 meters from Playa Carmen. Plenty of fruit trees. Water from adjacent well & electricity.
Property# 7-163/7-164

 Malpais Real Estate Lot

Grasshopper Beach House - 770 m2 - $110,000
A great deal! A cute little beach house just one lot back from beachfront, with plenty of room to build more. The concession for the property has been approved, so you'll be able to build what you want here (up to two stories high.)
Property # 8-372

Santa Teresa Beach House Cheap!

Santa Teresa Mountain Heights - $50,000 to $115,245
Seven great new lots at bargain prices (~$80/m2) just five minutes from the beaches of Santa Teresa. These cheap prices are only good for the first two lots sold, so hurry. Two of the lots have a little bit of ocean view. Click the diagram for more details on pricing and sizes.
Property# 8-184

 Malpais Real Estate Lot

Santiago Hills Eco Project - From 3843 m2 - $85,000
17 lots with gorgeous views of rolling hills located above Playa Hermosa. Water is guaranteed in the contract and all lots are TITLED.
Property# 6-117

 Malpais Real Estate Lot

San Isidro Gardens - 4012 m2 - $78,000
Beautiful roadside lot in a Tico area, already with many varieties of mature fruit trees: mango, avocado, lime, oranges, etc. Ten minute drive to the beach at Playa Carmen.
Property# 4-208

 Malpais Real Estate Lot

Playa Carmen Office Space - $75,000
20m2 downstairs office space in the mall at the Santa Teresa/Malpais Crossroads. This is in private area, not a storefront.
Property# 8-12

 Malpais Real Estate Lot

Surfers Hills Santiago - $49,000 - $72,000
Six nice grassy lots on rolling hills in Santiago, a ten minute drive up the road from Playa Hermosa. These lots have power and water, and are in a very peaceful area.
Property# 6-31

 Malpais Real Estate Lot

Hacienda Malpais - From $72,000 and up
This very centrally located development has 10-min access to beaches in Malpais, Santa Teresa, and Montezuma! Several small lots are available at assorted prices, based upon the size, at $15/m2. This is in a very quiet area. All lots come with electricity, water, and title.
Property# 4-205

 Malpais Real Estate Lot

Malpais Affordable Lots - ~420m2 - $70,000
A very rare find for Malpais! Several small flat buidable lots located only 1 minute's walk from the beach, on the beach side of the road. The lots already have electricity and public water is available. These are TITLED lots... almost unheard of in Malpais for the beach side of the road.
Property# 7-170

 Malpais Real Estate Lot

Santa Teresa Hills - $35,000 to $52,000
Inexpensive lots with some ocean views, perfectly located above Playa Carmen at only 4 minutes from the famous surfer beach and all the amenities. A public road leads up to the lots, there is a central water supply from a shared well & electricity. These are the best deal in the area for ocean view lots.
Property # 8-305

Inexpensive Santa Teresa Lots

San Isidro Corner Lot - 5 000m2 - $50,000
At $10/m2 this is a great lot with some excellent mountain views. It sits on a corner, with a creek along one edge between it and the road. It could be suitable for a small project of subdivided 1000m2 lots. Titled.
Property # 4-420

Inexpensive Santa Teresa Lots

Naked Indian Lot #4 - 639 m2 - $45,000
The lot includes water and electricity. Located on the Buenos Aires neighborhood area.
Property # 8-410

Inexpensive Santa Teresa Lots

Naked Indian Lot #3 - 586 m2 - $45,000
The lot includes water and electricity. Located on the Buenos Aires neighborhood area.
Property # 8-409

Inexpensive Santa Teresa Lots

Zaneda Lot 1-2-3 - 200-210 m2 - $40,000 each lot
Three small flat lots located on the mountain side of the road, yet within walking distance from the beach, with power, water (from a legal, shared well), title, access, everything. Very affordable lots expected to sell quickly.
Property # 8-421 / 8-422 / 8-423

Inexpensive Santa Teresa Lots

Naked Indian Lot #2 - 497m2 - $35,000
The lot includes water and electricity. Located on the Buenos Aires neighborhood area.
Property # 8-408

Inexpensive Santa Teresa Lots

Naked Indian Lot #1 - 495m2 - $35,000
Four forested lots on a public road high on a hilltop above Playa Carmen and Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. The first lot is the best, with potential for an ocean view from a second story house. Titled land, with power, and water from a shared well. Highly recommended!
Property # 8-407

Inexpensive Santa Teresa Lots

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